Kingdom of Headsets


Kingdom of Headsets

Have anybody noticed how USB Headset with microphone is important on our life nowadays? Gamers, Flight Controllers, Helpline Workers and many more – they all use them every day at work. We, normal people, use them in our personal life too (playing games online, video chatting with family and friends, etc.). Maybe it is not a “must have” thing but it is better to have it.

Type of USB headset with microphone depends on purpose

As I said before everyone use headsets in different parts of our life. If you are a gamer you need professional, good headset for “gaming” (if you are a professional player you will get it from your sponsor or team). If you are just a regular person, using it only to video chatting with friends, you don’t really need professional stuff. But if you use usb headset with microphone at work (support/helpline worker, flight controller, etc.) it is a must. Just imagine a helpline worker with old fashioned phone. Everyone working there would go crazy after 3 months. But we have 21st century and now it is a standard.

Features of good headset

What is the most important feature? Comfort, microphone sensitivity, frequency response or maybe design? Well… all of it! Ok, maybe not a design but it feels nice when you can work with new, well designed and nice accessories, doesn’t it? When you are looking for a headset for business you should check it’s technical data very closely. It’s important, because sound during a call should be good and clear. Just imagine this situation: You, saturday evening, bowl full of nachos, watching football game on TV and you don’t exactly know what’s going on on the field, because microphone of announcer is terrible and you cannot hear anything. Or other situation: your TV is broken and you are calling to it’s support but worker cannot hear you and you cannot hear him well, because his usb headset with microphone is very bad quality. It is nightmare. That is why you always should check frequency response, microphone sensitivity, company that made this headset (Axtel is good option) and other technical data. Remember that it should be compatible with most of unified communication systems. Advanced noise reduction, acoustic protection technology and DSP (Digital Sound Processing) will make this headset worthier to buy.

Imagine that: you work in customer service eight hours per day and the most important thing for you is comfort. When headset is not comfortable it’s a nightmare working this many hours. You get tired very easily and your gets worse every day. That’s why headset has to be comfortable for an user. It should be well made (amazingly light) and it’s parts should be moveable (it will make your comfort much better).

Which type is best for me?

If you are a gamer just check your budget and check the best one with the best technical data (logo doesn’t matter) in this price. Leave professional headsets for companies that need it.

But if you really want to know just go and check some headsets by yourself.